Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Cookin?

Today was on ok day. 

I made my husband a tossed salad, beef stew, and homemade beer bread, and I was really looking forward to trying some of that stew.  I put about a half cup on a plate and mashed it into mush, but after just 3 bites, that was it for me.  I really can't seem to get past the soft stuff.  Everything else just sits in my chest and it's a horrible feeling. 

This is my last week out of work, so I'm hoping to get out and about this week.  I need to shop!  I haven't been in so long, and yeah, basically, I'm a shopaholic.  I love to shop for almost anything, but I do have a reason for shopping this week.  My niece is turning two on Friday and she needs a present.  I'm also making her birthday cake so I need to get supplies for that. 

They say the weathers turning warmer so that's a plus as well.  Possibly in the 60's by Friday.  Maybe I'll open the sun roof! 

Tomorrow's another day!

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