I have been overweight all of my life.  At age 15, I had my jaw wired shut to lose weight.  I’ve been hypnotized.  I’ve done Weight Watchers, Tops, Medifast, Mayo Clinic, Atkins, The Zone Diet, South Beach, etc.  I’d lose and I’d gain, and I’d lose and I’d gain.  It was a vicious cycle and I never really won.  More recently my life had become just a day to day existence, and not really life at all.  My non existence is what lead me to this decision.  I’m 52 years old, but better late then never I guess.  I want my life back.

I’ve decided to track my journey in hopes to hear from others who are traveling here on this same path.

I’ve got a long way to go, and the road ahead is rough, but I’m ready.