Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up on days lost

I had wanted to start a blog early on, but just couldn't find the right place. Now that I have, lets catch up. 

It's been 26 days since my surgery and I've lost 16 pounds.  Not a lot really, but the doctor says it will come off faster as my body gets used to the changes. I should mention that my surgery was robotic and if ever you are given the choice, choose robotics!  It is amazing!  I was never in any pain at all and the first week prior to seeing my doctor post op, I would swear that I didn't even have surgery.  The only side effect from the surgery was complete fatigue.  I couldn't walk from one room to the next without feeling exhausted. 

Stage 1 takes place in the hospital and you are allowed water only.
Stage 2 takes place in the hospital as well, and you have clear liquids, and jello.
Stage 3 starts in the hospital and you go home on this stage.  This is the same as stage 2 only you add carnation instant breakfast.
I was released to stage 4 after seeing the Doctorr one week post-op.  Stage 4 is pureed foods. Chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, baby foods, and protein drinks.  The only food I was able to keep down was cottage cheese, but I was fine with that.  I'm not really hungry at all.

I saw the doctor on Thursday, February 10. All is well, and I've been released to Stage 5.  Stage 5 is a regular soft diet with various choices, mainly protein.  I'm still on liquids mostly,  and I'm ok with that, but tonight I'm going to try to eat a piece of hamburger.  Woo Hoo!  Sounds exciting huh?  I'll let you know how that goes.  I don't see the doctor again for 3 months and he says by then I'll have lost 90 more pounds.  I don't quite believe that, but we'll see.  Sure would be awesome!

This post may have been boring to some, but I needed to show you where I'm at and what I'm doing.

Talk to you later! 



  1. =] i'm so excited for you, look forward to reading your blog Love you!

  2. The best to you my girl. I'm sorry I have not been very social lately but my job is beating me up. It's good to see you have found another artistic outlet and its awesome to be a follower. Thanks for inviting me.