Monday, March 14, 2011

Just call me Whiney!

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything here, mainly because I didn't want to whine every day, and not just about the surgery, but life in general.  Work Sucks lately, but that's another story.

I'm feeling like the surgery isn't working for me and I'm destined to be fat! The scales just aren't moving.  It's been 56 days since the operation and I've lost 25 pounds.  I saw my dietician last week and she gave me a chart that tracks the expected weight loss of a bypass patient.  It stated that you should lose 1/2, to a pound a day,  the first 3 months.  I guess I'm averaging the half a pound a day and that's not too bad really.  Ok, so I'll quit whining.  I hadn't actually stopped and figured it out til now.  Seeing the dietician was a big help.  I was drinking too much protein.  I belong to a support group and everyone there was aiming for like 80 and 90 grams a day, and Anne (Nutritionist)  told me 60 is plenty.  More is not better.  Now I've got to change my routine.  I had become addicted to this protein coffee drink in the morning and that alone was giving me 41 grams.  I feel good.  I'm feeling better all the time.  I didn't make it to the pool tonight, but I will be going tomorrow night for sure! 

There is an upside to all this.  I had sushi this past weekend and I kept it down, unlike so many other favorite foods I've tried, and it was delicious!   Yayyyyy!

See you all soon with happy thoughts! 

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